Phase 2

• Phase 2 will provide day habilitation services for 36-50 individuals with I/DD.

• Acquisition of land on a minimum of 10-15 acres, including a barn for small animal husbandry.

• Building of Hoop house greenhouse(s) for extended season gardening.

• Property upgrades may include a pond for fishing, playground/picnic area and walking/bike paths.

• Indoor day habilitation rooms to include a gross/fine motor room, computer lab, library/media room, sensory room and kitchen.

• Employment opportunities or vocational training will be available as appropriate.

• A community sponsored agricultural program (CSA) will allow our farmers to sell their vegetables to the general public.

• Secretarial duties and office work will be made available to individuals who show interest in this field.

• Special comprehensive social events will be targeted to promote awareness of the value and abilities that our individuals contribute to the community.

• Estimated time line for Phase 2 is expected to begin year 3-5.